Kingdom Connection (KC) Groups

...We are better together!
Are you looking to connect to others in a meaningful way?

Our Kingdom Connection Groups offer local gatherings where people can get close enough to know one another personally.
They enhance community, support, and encouragement.  Endorsing bible study, prayer, and fellowship, we inspire transparency in open and honest settings.  
No matter where you are on your journey, we have a group that's right for you.

Kingdom Connection Pastors
Rick & Jeanie Ragno

As Kingdom Connection Pastors here at The River Church Ministries, we are excited for you to explore our small group options (see below).  Our Senior Pastor Ron Vaught has said, "Small Groups are the heartbeat of our church."  Our desire is to provide a place for  all members to feel safe, grow, and build community.  There are many different groups to choose from that may fit your schedule and we would like to  help you find the KC group that's right for you!  We look forward to connecting and serving  you!

KC Groups (Charles City, VA Area)

Friday at the Farm 

Worship & Prayer over Charles City

Pastor Chris & Lisa (

With a heart and focus on Charles City, we press in for the Presence of God and the outpouring of His Holy Spirit with healings, miracles, signs and wonders.  We are led by the Spirit and as we freely flow in praise, prayer, worship and strategic declarations to use in God’s Kingdom here in Charles City

Welcome Home Wednesday's

Family friendly Christian Fellowship/Support

Gabrielle Bartell (

 Every Wednesday at 6:30PM

Community minded, this family support group is designed especially for families with children who are looking for connection and encouragement. We spend time in prayer, worship, and ministry as Holy Spirt leads. Providing a kid friendly atmosphere, activities for little ones are provided allowing for the extra family support desired in a loving Christian atmosphere.

KC Groups (Toano, VA Area)

Holy Spirit Overflow

Prophetic Word, Prayer and Worship

Elder Rick & Debbie Baird  (Debbie@bairdelectric)

Every other Saturday at 6:00PM

Open to anyone who wants an encounter with Holy Spirit. He is welcome and has free reign on what he what He wants to do each meeting. There is no agenda, which allows for unique experiences. Prayer for situations over people and outward expression of Spiritual gifts are experienced and encouraged by participating members. This is a place where we learn from each other the wisdom and knowledge each has obtained. This is a safe environment where we can connect and foster open and honest communication. Come experience the fun, fellowship and shared meal where laughter and joy are evident.

At His Feet (Ladies Group)

Intercessory Prayer

Lorraine Salavejus & Monica Gultier (

4th Friday of the month at 6:00PM

Ladies growing in the Lord during fellowship, Worship, and Prayer. When Holy Spirit flows be prepared to receive the overflow. This group shares experiences, revelations, and enjoys the Presence of the Lord. Please feel free to bring a snack and engage your gifts during our time together!

Young Adults (18-29 years)

Fellowship and Bible Study

Pastor Seth & Madison Savage (

Sunday 6:00-8:00PM

With a desire to build long lasting relationships, this young adult group meets focusing on diving deep into the Word, sharing experiences, expressing what is being learned, and praying for one another. In keeping with a youthful approach this group also makes time for sharing meals and game play. Our desire is to shape friendships and grow together in faith. Come experience fun, food and fellowship!

Crafting & More

Crafts, Fellowship and Outings

Corinne Bowers (

First Saturday of the month at 10:30AM
(after Women’s Breakfast)

Learn a new craft every month. Perhaps you are working on a craft or would like to learn a new one. Let’s learn together. Bring it with you. Crossword, puzzles, word search, coloring pages, crochet, scrapbooking etc…

Digging Deeper

Interactive Teaching Bible Study

Pastor Rick & Jeanie Ragno (

Thursday 6:00PM.

Relationship minded, this close-knit casual Bible study encourages free and open discussion on varying books of the Bible so that we can discover hidden truths and ways to practically apply them to our daily lives.The intent is to connect and grow our faith together, by allowing others to ask the ‘hard questions’, share testimonies, and experiences of our daily walk. Our heart is to encourage and support deeper, richer relationships through this time spent together. (1 Corinthians 14:26)

Heart of Women (HOW) Prayer Call


Victoria Canady (

Thursday morning 6:45AM

Prayer call for women, HOW submits to the power of Holy Spirit to confidently ‘Do Life’ together. HOW intercedes for, encourages, and builds up women of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds, so they will persevere in hope, trust and joy knowing that Jesus preserves those who are true to Him.
(Psalm 31:23)

The Lion and the Lamb

Fellowship and Bible Study
‘Toano Flower Field Ice Cream Shop’

Erica Ewing (

Tuesday 3:30-5:00PM

Purposefully focused on developing leaders within the body of Christ, this deep-dive Bible study emphasizes on purusing the Word, seeking truth, and knowing Him intimately so that we may walk fully in all that He has called us to do. With eyes fixed on Jesus, we expose Holy Spirit for who He is, which enables us to shed religious bondage, false teachings and gives us the confidence to speak the truth in love.

Bible Study

Fellowship and Bible Study

Elder James & Caryn MacLean (

Sunday after service

A lively and collaborative group that purposefully studies the Bible.  We aim to prayerfully learn God's Word and go deeper into the truth as Holy Spirit gives revelation.  Centered around fellowship, we often share a meal during our discussion as well.

Golf outing


Pastor Chris Luck & Pastor Rick Ragno

Monday 10 AM (Spring through Fall// Local golf course)

A friendly gathering of like minded individuals.  Focusing on recreation and the great outdoors, this group strives to bond with mutual Christ-centered interests all the while promoting fitness and fun.