How we got started

We are NOT a church in the traditional sense...we are an OUTREACH center that is dedicated to serving Charles City County, VA.  We were established in Charles City by the River Church in Toano, VA  after the Lord powerfully moved upon Pastor Ron Vaught to love, support, and invest in our county.  So, in October of 2022, The River Outreach Center...The ROC...was born.


"The best coffee in town! It's awesome!"

- John Evans

"It's my absolute favorite place to go!"

- Greg Smith


Our Vision is simple...
We want to reach Charles City with the light and love of Jesus.  We believe ALL of Charles City can be saved...EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON.  

What we do

We believe that UNITY is what will make the greatest impact here in Charles City.  That is why we have chosen to create important community partnerships that will effectively meet the needs of our county.  
We want to be a support to others who are already working hard and established here in the county.  We come along side of the schools, social services, churches, parks & recreation, food pantries, and other ministries/non-profits to help serve the Charles City community.
Our 6 o'clock ROC Community Worship Party is open to the entire community. Our heart is to create an atmosphere of love & freedom where people can experience the power and presence of Jesus in a very real way. 

Our Community

Our ROC Community is refreshingly diverse! We come from different denominations, ethnicities, age ranges, and backgrounds. Many ROCers are members and even pastors of other churches who work with us during outreaches and will attend our Saturday service to enjoy powerful worship and refreshing.

"The best coffee in town! It's awesome!"

- John Evans

"It's my absolute favorite place to go!"

- Greg Smith

6 o'clock ROC

Community Worship Party

Saturday Nights at 6:00pm at The Ruthville Gym Complex

Be prepared...6 o'clock ROC isn't your "typical" worship service!  
We are raw, real, and we like it that way.
Our praise and worship is powerful...we dance, shout, and have a GOOD time in the river of God
Our altars are filled with people who are hungry for MORE
Our anointed preaching is life giving and life changing
We are spontaneous and a bit unscripted...
because Holy Spirit has free reign to do what He wants to do
That's why our service is called a Party
People get healed, delivered, and set FREE by the Power & Presence of God!
THAT is something to Celebrate!

EVERYONE is Welcome...Come as you are! 


Upcoming Events at The ROC

Find out what we are up to here in Charles City!

Join the party!

Our 6 o'clock ROC services are located in the Ruthville Gym Complex
13100 The Glebe Lane
Charles City, VA 

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