Psalm 91 Ministry

Yarns of Love

Crocheting  & Praying Gifts of Love

spreading hope & faith to those who recieve

The Psalm 91 Ministry all started because one man, James Salavejus, needed a prayer blanket and didn't have one. Monica Goltare brought him a prayer blanket and a prayer cloth when he was in the hospital having a series of surgeries. Each time he needed a surgery he clung to his prayer cloth. It reminded him that fear doesn't come from the Lord and that Jesus would be with him the whole time.   He kept his prayer blanket close by him.  Seeing the carefully crocheted cross on it reminded him of Christ's sacrifice which gave him hope & strength. He could feel God's arms embracing him.

It is our heart and our prayer that NO ONE should ever go without hope and trust in the Lord for healing, strength, and the Presence of God through the storms. Every Prayer Blanket and Cloth has Psalm 91 prayed over them and we receive reports on how the Lord uses these items to bring healing, hope, and encouragement to those that receive them.

Prayer blankets & cloths are available for free at both our River and ROC campus locations and at The ROC table during outreaches in Charles City.  Just let us know if you want one...or more...we encourage folks to take them to family and friends in need.   And, if you have a praise report on how our prayer blanket or cloth was a blessing to you or someone you know...PLEASE connect with us and tell us about it!  We want to share the encouraging testimony with others. 
Ladies of the Psalm 91 Ministry, Monica Goltare and Kim Zebell

Some of our Handiwork

Prayer Blankets - Full size blankets perfect for family, friends, or those in the nursing home who need extra comfort during times of grief or illness

Prayer Cloths - Small, pocket-sized squares that are easily mailed or given out in larger quantities. Wonderful "freebies" for outreaches

Jesus Bookmarks - Everyone LOVES these! We hand them out frequently during outreaches and at The ROC

Coffee Cozies - Our newest item! Great for outreaches and Guest Welcome bags 
Prayer Blankets
Prayer Cloths
Coffee Cozies

Monica Goltare

Psalm 91 Ministry Leader

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions  about the Psalm 91 Ministry or need any
 of the items we lovingly crochet.
If you enjoy crocheting, and would like to use your talent for the Lord, please consider joining our
ministry team.  I look forward to connecting with you!