KC Group Testimonials

Personal comments from KC group members
Our leaders are spiritually mature, and provide an environment where we can feel comfortable, as in a close family relationship, and to freely interact with others in the group. We meet every other Saturday & always look forward to the time we spend together!
OurKC Group is like having an additional family with which to share your joys and trails. The members are always there for you offering encouragement and prayer support.   Since we do not have family in this area, the KC Group is really important to us!

Frank & Jean

KC groups are a place where people can connect, ask for help, and genuinely feel the love of Jesus in whatever stage of life you are in.  I joined a KC group  when I was struggling with grief after losing a friend and because of the support and community I felt, I just kept going!  Everyone was so welcoming and compassionate, I loved the things we were learning together, and I was in awe of how Holy Spirit moved in the group.  


We live a little further out  than most , thus connection with the church body prior to KC groups was limited to church services and special events.  We have been a part of two KC groups, one of which we are still involved.
Each KC group has challenged us, provided a place to be stretched, allowed us to form new and deeper relationships with fellow Christians, which has resulted in loving environments where we feel at home.

Jim & Melinda

I am so thankful for my KC group.  I am learning how to  study and  go deeper into the Word.  How to dissect a verse and meditate on it.  
Many times, I have questions and we all discuss it, (my group) helps  me to gain  understanding.  We share things we are going through and pray together about these.  

We are close and we are extended family.  I am a huge believer that we all need to be in a Kingdom Connection group.  Doing life with other like-minded people helps me learn and grow.   When I am going through tough storms, I (know) I am not doing it alone.  My Kingdom Connection family helps me stay strong and hopeful. 
I cannot imagine going through life and storms without them!


Meeting weekly (even just by phone), our friendship has consistently grown.  (I am) deeply strengthened by sharing and praying together, I have personally sustained mountainous challenges right through to healing and victory!
Living remotely as I do, this group has been vital to me, I honestly don’t know how people make it without such healthy types of connections (to each other) 

Heart of Women Prayer Group Member

Our KC group has definitely helped me to trust. I know I can be vulnerable with my sisters and I trust that they will come along side of me and encourage me, pray for me, as well as with me just as I do with them.  This has been such a blessing!

Heart of Women Prayer Group Member