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Children’s Church needs Volunteers!

Please consider helping teach and lead these future world changers for God!  You do not have to commit to every Sunday.  You can serve once a quarter, a month or twice a month.  If interested, please email or call the church office at 757.250.3608

Homeless Snack & Personal Hygiene
Blessing Bags

Please consider partnering with Blessing Warriors RVA, Inc. by providing one-gallon zip lock bags with a snack or personal hygiene items (do not mix snack and hygiene items in a single bag).


Snack Bag Items:  tuna, Vienna sausage, pop top canned pasta/ food, peanut butter, nutrition bars, crackers, chips, fruit cups, spoon, cup of soup.  Please no water or beverages.  No chocolate during warm months.


A sample snack bag would include:  a cup of soup, spoon, chips, napkin and nutrition bar.


Hygiene Blessing Bags:  Travel size wipes, or wipes in a sandwich bag (minimum of 10 wipes per bag), razors (2), hotel-sized soap/ body wash and lotion.  For a Female’s bag, add sanitary pads (6 – 10).


Additional, ‘long lasting’ items that are needed for controlled distribution include:  Toothpaste (small, medium and large tubes), toothbrushes, deodorant, full-size soap, full-size body wash.


NOTE:  These ‘long lasting’ items should NOT be included in individual hygiene bags.  Blessing Warriors RVA have learned if the recipient doesn’t need a particular item received, they will discard it.  If they need an item, they will ask for the needed item, they will receive it.

Holy Smoke:
Volunteers needed

The Holy Smoke food ministry is looking for volunteers for upcoming events — planned and Holy Spirit called.  You don’t need to be a food expert; just willing to serve to help grow His Kingdom.  This also includes anyone who would like to minister to others while food is served.  Finally, we are looking for event leaders that would like to learn the smoker/ cooking process from soup to nuts!  If interested, please contact Joel Gorelick at 757.715.5060.

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